We had a scare yesterday


This exhausted momma was driving home from work, closed her eyes for a second, and in the next slammed on her brakes and hit the truck stopped in front of her which deployed the airbag. I wasn't having pains near baby but wanted to go to the hospital to make sure everything was okay.  Everyone in the other vehicle was okay too, they just had some whiplash, nothing too major wrong with their vehicle either. When we got admitted at the hospital they had a hard time finding the baby's heartbeat and I hadn't felt the baby move since the accident so we were a wreck at that point. They finally found the heartbeat though and I had to stay for about 5 hours hooked up on a monitor to track baby's heartbeat and my contractions. My ob thankfully was on shift last night as well so he was able to be the one to see and release us. We have a happy baby and it's moving around a ton extra today I think to make sure I know it's okay. We're 37 weeks and 2 days today, first time parents. I don't know what I would have done had my fiancé not been here for me. I called him when it all happened and he left work immediately and took care of everything at the scene and at the hospital for me. Besides being a little sore, embarrassed, and feeling awful for hitting someone we're okay and that's all he keeps telling me matters. Plus side, we got to watch baby on the monitor breathing and pursing it's lips. ❤️