feeling alone

Recently me and my husband came to live with my mom. Her and her husband split. & there in a domestic situation. All of my brothers are away except my 13 year old little brother and it's his father. She put her husband out and he had been slightly stalking her. So I felt better if me and my husband came here to support her.
I have been pregnant now 3 times. At 15 she made me have an abortion. It was a hard time for me but I eventually forgave her and moved on. At 21 I was pregnant again and had a miscarriage. I had a hard time getting pregnant since then. I'm now married and expecting my first full term baby. Although I know my mom loves me she does not seem to be very empathetic to my pregnancy (mostly the symptoms) 
I suffer from hot flashes and most of the time I'm in bed because I'm really weak and don't eat much. I've lost 14 lbs from lack of being able to retain foods. I hate the smell of meats. 
I came here to help her get thru her tough times and it seems that all she does is complain and down play my pregnancy. I don't want to leave her all alone and I've tried talking to her. She is very playful and often says the things via joke but I'm starting to become very offended. She says I don't know if it's menopause or a baby. She refers to my baby as an alien in jokes saying I'm not even sure what I'm having and it's to early to feel what I feel. 
I'm feeling extremely vulnerable being here because she makes me feel like I complain way to much and I'm to cautious about everything. I'm 10w. 
She ask me to cook but it's always some type of meat and the smell kills me. She's expecting me to do things I wasn't doing at my own home for her. And I get that she wants some extra help but I don't think it's fair that I have to deal with the jokes and down talk. 
Ladies what do you think ?