Anxiety over the stupidest things.

These past 6 months or possibly longer I have been suffering from anxiety. To the point where I often find myself unable to sleep at night or feeling like I'm on the verge of a panic attack. The stupid thing is I don't even know why I get such anxiety over the things I do. I really feel like a crazy lady and am probably going to sound like one too! Lol but here are a few examples of my everyday struggles. I'm very particular about what I spend money on. I would say I'm pretty good with with money. I pay all the bills, buy all the groceries etc and handle the money left over. I can't bring myself to spend money on things that aren't a necessity e.g fast food. Once the money left in my wallet starts going down ( even if pay day is only a day or two away) it gives me severe anxiety. Another stupid one is I full my car up with petrol each week and I watch that needle like a hawk, as soon as it's slightly moved from the full line I start getting anxiety. Even though I pretty much have a whole tank left! Sometimes I wonder if I should refill my car at the end of each day rather than weekly lol. Another one that gets to me (and I don't even smoke myself) is that I'm constantly looking in my husbands tobacco packet and the more it goes down the more anxious I get and I have no idea why! I'm the same with food in the cubards. I hate opening fresh packs of things it gives me anxiety. I'm the kind of person that likes to have a few of everything in advance. For example there's no way someone would be opening the last pack of coffee or sugar in my house! I would have to have a fresh pack to replace it in the cubards first lol. So yes as food gets eaten out of my cubards it makes me anxious it's almost as if I have to monitor it lol.

What is wrong with me! This is so not normal and I really hate how much of my life it controls. But at the same time it's so rediculous!