Missing Him

Jacqueline • Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degree Holder 🎓3.97 GPA🤓Certified Debater🗣Mommy Of One☝🏽
I have to rant and vent to somebody about how much I miss my partner of four years now. I haven't seen him in awhile due to his schedule (he has a full time job, is a dj and has three kids). I don't even want sex...I just want a hug and to be held. I want him in the same room as me, even if I have to put up with his snoring and him choking on it. I don't mind it because he's here. That's all that matters to me. Idk how much more I can take of not seeing him. I've told him how much I miss him and he gets it...this man has my heart. Has anybody gone through a similar situation?