what's something you absolutely despise about your MIL?

Long read ✨I have been with my SO going on 2 years our anniversary is in July! His mother never really cared for me since the beginning of us being together to where we are at now with being married and share a 7 month old daughter. She is very judgmental and feels her input of everything is a must. I do not agree with her in what she has to say about our child. We never go over often because she's just pushy and naggy about her personal beliefs. I also tried numerous of times to get along best I could for our relationship but I feel she just puts her interest above all and pushes out the fact that she has NO say in what I feel or think for me and our family now. She ignores my wishes when I respectfully let her spend time with our daughter one evening and it was something she offered and wanted to do. So we left her for a couple hours and me and my husband went out to dinner and enjoyed some alone time. Then I went to go pick her up after and I am thinking all was well since we left her at home w her grandma however when I got there she said that she was good and they went here and there to her "friends" and other places i was not informed about. I was bothered because if she takes her anywhere how would I know where she is or how she is doing because she didn't ask if it was okay or notify be about it. So I kindly told her I will not be okay with you having her if you don't inform me on her and her being anywhere or anything. She got upset and took it too personal. When in reality it's that I'm MOM and I deserve the right to know where she is and how she is in anyone's care. It's what I'm comfortable with and that's not negotiable. So now I do not leave her instead we visit over every once or twice a month for dinner or etc. I just don't like the she goes off what she wants and told me that she didn't have no reason to inform me and that she is going to take her where ever she goes.   What do you all think of this? Should I just keep as I'm doing and do what I feel I must about the situation. She flat out ignores me and I'm tired of trying to be treated unfairly. ✨picture of my princess ♥️