Definitely contradiction!!

So tell me if I'm right or wrong. Me and this guy we talk, on the first day we met we were just having a conversation on our way to this lounge. So we got on the conversation about females and how many sex partners they've had. He said he has been with a woman that had over 45 sexual partners. But he also said that it didn't change his mind about her nor did it make him look at her any different. So fast forward to today, he works at a barber shop and you know how they have conversations and stuff. So as I'm on the phone he is talking about his brothers situation and how his brother ended up getting a "hoe" pregnant because she slept with 5 guys in one day and got a train ran on her before. So I told him that he's contradicting himself because a hoe is a hoe no matter what. So if he felt that way about his brothers baby mama then he feels the same way about the girl he told me about with the 45 sex partners. So he said when the girl told him that, it changed his perspective on her also and that he would never have kids with her. So I'm likeeeee but you told me the first day we met that you didn't look at her no different. When I told him he contradicting himself he put up a whole argument with me........ did he or did he not contradict himself 

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