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Glorya • Identical Twin rainbows 10/20/18 🌈🌈 Twin angels 7/17/17 💕
I have a regular 29-30 day cycle. I ovulated on the 9th this month and am in the TWW. I'm looking for somebody about my age (25) and trying for #1. 
I am a 5th grade teacher, so we're trying to time my pregnancy with the school year. My husband and I were married June 2016 and we have been TTC since March. I had a chemical pregnancy in March. I have been off BC since December and on prenatals since January. 
I lost my previous TTC buddy when my friend got pregnant in April. She's still supportive and everything but I can only talk to her about her pregnancy symptoms so long before I get sad 😞 I feel like a bad friend because I keep thinking about what she has and what I keep struggling for... I need somebody else in the same boat whom I can talk to without feeling guilty. 
I'd like to find somebody that also needs a distraction during this inexorable TWW 😊 Thanks!!