My 6 month old is be coming so Gassy HELP

Vay • Mommy of Three ♥️ Laniya, Kayden && Kaylani
So my Lo has always gone any here from 3-6 days with no pooping this has been since he was born. Most of his poops are always hard !! Like clay a few times he strains so bad he cries, once there was shreaks of blood and the other day he farted really hard and out came a bloody clot . . . He is now awaking more gassy then ever at night and crying and also increasing spitting up . The doctors keep saying it's normal .. my thought was maybe it's a milk allergy because his dad as a baby had to drink soy.. they say no it's not that. He is always getting reflex in his sleep he'll wake up screaming until he burps and spits up. And we still always burp him after each bottle even got gas drop.. I am just at a lost. They said pear juice once a day to keep him regular but it's not helping too much . They said it'll get better when introducing solids and it didn. I am just at a lost .. 😩 Rant over