How did you get your body baby ready?

Tenille • I am a very lucky mother of one 17 year old lady and am currently pregnant with number two after a miscarriage. I’m nothing particularly extraordinary - Just a working Mum trying not to make too many mistakes. ☺️
My partner and I recently miscarried (early pregnancy) and although I have been determined to look at the experience though a positive perspective I have caught myself thinking "my body let us down" from time to time. My logical mind knows that's not true, but my sadness doesn't. 
I am such a strong believer in changes what I can and leaving the rest to God. So, I have decided to reinvest in getting super healthy. 
Though I'm not super heavy I'm about 10kg overweight (16 pounds I think), but I work out three times a week and  try to eat well. Unfortunately I turned to good when we lost the baby so I have additional weight to lose now. 
What have your experiences been with preparing your body for a baby? Did you make any changes? Do you feel pressured to do so? Are you pregnant now and making dietary changes to accommodate baby? 
- Tenille oxo

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