trouble with friend

So I've got a friend...she's been by my side since about 9th grade. We've had our share of ups and downs but always seemed to figure it out in the end. Recently I found out through my husband that she brought up a few of my secrets to some of our friends while I wasn't around. Upon realizing what she did after my husband said he was going to talk to me about it when I got home she back tracked and begged him not to tell me what she did. These were pretty personal secrets that I confided in her and it shattered my heart into a million pieces knowing she could go behind my back like that and then ask my husband not to tell me like he was supposed to pick her over me. I confronted her about it and she gave me one of those apologies where after someone says sorry they add in a "but" like they're trying to justify their actions. I took it as a very non-remorseful attempt to downplay what just happened. I guess I just don't think friends should sell each other out like this. I've had a feeling for a long time that she has been jealous of my husband and i's relationship and the things we have worked hard for. She was in our wedding and made me cry more than once during the planning process because of comments she made about the way I wanted to do things and even about my ring. During my bacholerette party she took my phone while I was feeling pretty good and didn't realize it. She was on snap chat trying to get inappropriate pictures from guys while pretending to be me. The next morning when I woke up and checked through them I found out she succeeded...i confronted her about that and she denied every bit of it. Although I know for a fact it was her. I just feel like she's tried to sabotage my relationship and my business by her actions and things she said out of jealousy. She's very irresponsible and immature. I feel she takes advantage of her mom...meaning she spends all her money on materialistic items and then claims she's broke when it comes to the important things like gas/insurance/car payment/rent. This whole thing was over a month ago now and I feel like her not being in my life has been quite a positive change. The only problem is she's she's dating one of my husband and I's best friends and employee. So this makes it awkward because she still comes to my house all the time and I really don't feel comfortable with it. I just want to cut all ties with her and the negativity and drama she brings but I don't want to lose this mutual friend in the process and ruin my business. Also I'm really worried she's trying to get pregnant in order to trap him and bask in the attention it will bring to her. She's very self centered and can't stand it if she's not the center of attention. Everything she says is an attempt to draw attention to herself. She's always looking for a reaction and I believe that's why she said the things about me in the first place that night when I wasn't around. I work a lot and don't have a lot of other friends to share my feelings about this with so it's been hard to cope. Part of me feels like I overreacted sometimes and part of me is thankful to finally rid myself of her toxic relationship. I guess I've always just looked past the shit she's done to me because we have been friends for so long. But I felt like this drew the line and I'm just so over making excuses for her. Just needed to get this off my chest I guess.