Everyone but me is getting sleep!

VENT: I'm staying at home with the baby and my husband works. That plus the fact that I'm EBF and my baby does nothing but fuss when he holds her means he does not help with the overnight stuff. Maybe an occasional diaper change if I ask him to, but that's it. 
Last night I was sick, it was 1:30am and she was fussy. And my husband said "if she can't calm down I think I'm just going to go sleep on the couch because my alarm is going off in 5 hours for work... but I don't want to do that if it's going to make you upset." (He's working a half day today and then going out for lunch with a friend and then to a fancy golf/dinner fundraiser after.)  I just wanted to be like "Really? You've heard how miserably sick I have been tonight and you're just going to check out of the whole game because you have a whole 4 hours of work to do tomorrow? But hey, why bother stopping you? You're useless with this nighttime stuff anyways."  But I didn't say it because it's rude, he really is a good dad to her, when you're sleep deprived you're way more irritable and I didn't want to speak out of anger, and it was Fathers Day- that's not a fight I want to pick on his day.
Also, my baby has acid reflux so I have to keep her upright at least 30 min after feedings. She ends up falling asleep right away, then after letting her sleep upright in my arms for 30 min I put her down in her bassinet and.... she wakes back up. So she got a nice 30 min nap in and I got nothing. Everyone chimes "Sleep when the baby sleeps." "Oh that must be so nice for you to get to catch up on sleep during the day." And I'm just like NO! This child will only sleep if I'm holding her and it's dangerous to fall asleep with your baby in your arms. So I don't get to sleep when the baby sleeps.  I get nothing.
I know this feels like a bigger deal than it is to me because of the sleep deprivation but I'm just really frustrated right now. Anyone else?