Husbands baby mama came out as gay?

Justice • son born 12-9-16👦 missed miscarriage 7-12-17 at 10 weeks👼 blighted ovum 2-5-18👼baby girl born 11-25-18👧

So my husbands ex started a youtube channel and I was curious so I went and watched her first video and in it she said she was gay and has hid it her whole life. She also said she was so good at hiding it she was engaged ( to my husband) and had a baby with him. But then she typed out she was bisexual and continued to say she was gay and that's how she came out to her family. I'm honestly still in shock and so is my husband. This same women has tried for 2 years to ruin our marriage and get back together with my husband. She has tried to flirt with him and be naughty in her texts toward him. It was seriously horrible how hard she tries to separate us. And she just had a short relationship with man ( lasted 2 weeks) and wanted to move in with him . He ended up being a rapist and went to jail. I mean I'm 100% supportive of people embracing their sexuality, I'm just so shocked! So basically has anyone else experienced anything similar? I don't know if I should text her and congratulate her on coming out and telling her im supportive?

Update: im even more confused because my husband is genuinely upset that she came out as gay? Is that bad that it upsets me that he's upset about it? He's saying their whole relationship was a lie and a waste of his time but idk why he cares now? Can someone she'd some light? Is that normal for him to be upset?