Subchorionic Hematoma advice.

Hey everyone, so Thursday night I noticed that I had brown discharge that looked like old blood. I assume it was just a bit of spotting so I called 811 and spoke to a registered nurse who advised me to go to the hospital. Long story short, one blood work, and ultrasound, and a sleepless night later we found the cause of my bleeding. I was told they found a 1 x 0.3cm subchorionic hematoma on my ultrasound and bonus we found out that I was 6 weeks 4 days into my pregnancy. As of now we're just doing blood works to make sure my HCG hormones are rising normally and in 2 weeks I'll have another ultrasound to see how the hematoma is doing. Right now they haven't given me any instructions but I've done some research myself and most people suggest resting and just taking it easy. But my question for you all, does anyone know if there's their anything I can do to help it go away? Like eating certain food or avoiding certain foods, etc. I'd greatly appreciate any advice you can all give. Even aside from eating any advice will be welcomed. This has been very worrying news for us and I just wanna do whatever I can to help my baby get through these next 7-8 months safely. Thanks in everybody.