Confused Now on what I'm having

Maria • I`m happily married, & I am a new mommy to a beautiful baby boy & with my new little girl. My life is now complete 💚💜
I went to get a 3D ultrasound to see what I was having, he said its hard to tell because the baby was always hiding and was closing their legs. He told me it might be a girl and type in girl because he said he didn't see anything sticking out. That was when I was 18 I went to my hospital appointment and she also said that the baby was hiding and the baby had his or her legs close. She told me that she couldn't say what I'm having but that she thinks it's a girl. I told my mother in law and she said that it's a girl because girls always tend to hide. I was wondering if any of you ladies that ended up or are having a girl ever happened to you during ultrasound. I wouldn't mind having another boy but since we think this is our last baby I'm hoping it's a girl. 

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