NATURAL, unmedicated birth... 💪🤞💞

This is my first baby and I am so very deadset on having an unmedicated, all natural birth. Yes, I am nervous. Scared? No. This is what my body is made for. I have been doing so much research and reading about this as much as I can because I am highly determind to give birth without medications.  As a woman, I feel that there is nothing stopping me and I feel that this is what is best for me. I've always had a very high tolerance to pain meds, I've never really taken medications for anything my entire life besides birth control and a couple years of anxiety meds. Pain, of any sort, does not bother me as well. Some of you may think I'm crazy and will be negative towards me and if that's the case, please DO NOT comment. I am posting to hear stories, advice, tips and words of encouragement from other women who have given birth unmedicated.