a little upset

So I had a miscarriage in October it was my first pregnancy and I was doing everything right just something didn't link and it just ended. Well this girl went to my sister and ask if I was smoking or drinking during the pregnancy which is incredibly rude and hurtful and I wasn't. That same girl last week said can I ask you something how did you know you were pregnant and was asking me all these questions she even took one of my test and she is pregnant. I don't like holding grudges nor do I want anything to happen to her baby but I just want her to understand how hurtful it was and the funny thing is she was drinking the day before she asked me all the questions. I guess I'm just a little upset that I did everything right and still lost my baby and she is just like its a joke for her like I told her not to tell people yet and she did and she's kinda in a way bragging about it like not excited. I'm just irritated about the whole thing and I feel bad because I shouldn't be.