I'm so lonely...

It sucks being pregnant and exhausted on weeknights. 
My husband hosts a trivia night sometimes, records a podcast with some of our friends, goes to meetups to network with other tech people, and plays D&D every other week. So he's usually out 2-3 nights a week after work. I'm not as social as he is, I enjoy hanging out at home. When I had more energy it was fine, Some nights I would tag along or some night I would have a nice relaxing evening by myself and take a bath or something. 
But now that I'm pregnant I'm so exhausted and I need to go to bed earlier than usual so I don't feel sick the next day, so I hardly ever go with him anymore. And idk if it's the hormones/mood swings but when I'm home alone now it's not even relaxing anymore I just feel sad and lonely.
I work from home so I don't see a lot of people during the day, and most of my friends/family don't really live close enough to stop by on short notice. If I am having a really lonely day once in a while I'll ask him to skip or reschedule and stay home, and he does. But idk I still feel lonely a lot of the time.
I don't want to ask him to quit any of his activities. Especially this early. He knows he's going to cut back on some things once the baby is here. But until then idk how to make myself feel better on these days when I'm all alone.