Learning Drivers in Western Australia

For any Aussies on here, what do you think of the new 50 hours rule they are bringing in for WA? 
Instead of doing 25 hours driving then doing the PDA (Practical Driving Assessment) then waiting 6 months then doing another 25 hours in those 6 months then doing the HPT (Hazard Perception Test) to achieve their license 
From October 9 2017 it will be 50 hours driving then HPT then another 50 hours in 6 months then the PDA
What do you think about this? 
Will more hours make people better drivers or make them more experienced? 
Is this good or bad? 
I have done my 25 hours and I will be doing my PDA well before October 9th so won't have to do the first 50 hours but will have to do the second half of 50 hours which I am okay with.