lied to a friend. what's a good course of action to take??

It wasn't anything major. Just told her I had to take my kid somewhere and he told her we were going somewhere opposite. I told him to tell her we were going to a specific place so we can go home and won't get stuck talking but he failed to do so and told her we were actually going home. now I'm stuck feeling guilty because I don't even lie. I don't even know if she cares honestly but Now the only lie that I've told I was caught in. She didn't make a big fuss about it but I just wouldn't want her to feel hurt by it. Like I didn't want to be around. I just wasn't having a good day, I was in a crummy mood and I know my kid was tired from practice. I could have just told her my kid was tired but I didn't feel it would be enough at the time so I made up an excuse of having to do something so I wouldn't stay long. 
Please don't make this a "well you shouldn't have lied" moment. If you are, I'd rather you not comment. I've learned my lesson based off how guilty and anxious I feel right now. We all have done things we shouldn't do and what's done is done. I'm asking what should I do NOW !!! To play it off And if it's no big deal, I don't even want to draw attention to it. But I did text her about coming over later to chat and she never responded. I'm hoping she doesn't feel hurt by it but she just might. I'm just not sure how to right my wrong.