🐻MamaBear🐻 • I guess I have a bad attitude who knew? 😂 I vaccinate my kid's💉, my son is circumcised✂, I'm not an animal person😺🐶, I'm an atheist👿 and proud💪
Because I can't tell anyone else.... So last night me in my BF had sex then both feel alseep. This morning my 4 year old son comes running in and jumps on our bed; a few min go by and we hear our son say "daddy look" my BF looks over and yells "OMG" I look back and see my BF ripping the condom from my son's hands. He was trying to blow it up😷😷😷😷. I started laughing because when I was his age I did the same thing he did when my parents had sex and forgot throw it away😖😖.