I am 17weeks pregnant with my first babay and i feel big already dont get me wrong i love my belly. I honestly wish it was bigger. So since before i was pregnant i go out with my husand to dance, now with my belly showing i still go out and still wear my dresses. Lately ive been getting so many looks, not pretty looks to be exact, i get eyerolls and they stare at me and then look at their friend and all of a sudden everyones staring. I even go to the store and people stare. In some occasions ive heard people talk bad about me and thwy do it loud enough to where i can hear it. I go to the bikkini section and im getting called fat? Some other times i hear women say so many mean things, either about my age or how i look. Honestly this makes me feel so self-consious even tho i love my belly and my little bean moving it still makes me feel bad. My question is what is wrong with people? Whats wrong with being pregnant and wanting to look good?