Is my baby ok ?

I'm 19weeks and I had a ultrasound done yesterday and I know my baby isn't fully developed and doctors said everything with looking extremely fine and normal, got blood work done to check if my twins can come out sick so much more. Well after my appointment me and my SO went to show our families our ultrasound pictures one of his family members made a comment about my babies face looking odd as if it were going to be born sick and to me i thought my baby was completely fine like the doctor said and his other family asked how cus they didn't understand her and she began to google pictures to find "normal" baby ultrasounds and I tried to ignore her but now I've been really worried, I have no absolute problem against my child being born with a disability, to have a child born any way is a blessing to me! But have y'all had ultrasounds and yalls babies look like mine and came out fine? If y'all have pictures and don't mind could y'all show me ? I'm just worried and especially because this is my first