Free women's clinic & pregnancyi

Hey ladies,

I live in Missouri and I'm needing to go to a free women's clinic to confirm my pregnancy as I'm roughly 9 weeks along. Fiancé has lost his job so we are unable to go anywhere else as no insurance. I have epilepsy so it's important to know how far along I am for dosages.

Will a free clinic ultrasound me if I ask? Or does it need to be an emergency?

If so, will I be able to take a copy of the results with me? I'll need them sent to my neurologist.

Does anyone have any experience with these kind of clinics? I usually visit my primary. ☹️

Thanks a lot ladies!

EDIT: I have an appointment already and it's not at planned parenthood as the closest one is just too far from me and they won't offer an ultrasound which is no good as I need to be certain on due date ☹️