It's horrible. I shouldn't dread feeding my daughter, but I do. For the past 4 weeks she fights me every time she eats. (Unless she's asleep). I took her to the doctor and they put her on reflux meds, which haven't helped. Told me that it was a dairy sensitivity and to take her off breast milk and switch her to soy based formula, which I did... and feel AWFUL about since it's obviously NOT a dairy sensitivity. I'm at a loss. As soon as she puts the bottle in her mouth she screams. Before even taking a drink. She opens her mouth real wide and shakes her head back and forth like she's looking for a nipple and grabs my hands and pulls the bottle toward her face. She will stick the nipple on the side of her mouth and chew it and then scream. It takes me sometimes 2 hours or more to get her to eat 3oz! It ends with both of us in tears and I'm over it. The doctors don't want to help. They call it colic or reflux, which, it's neither. Has anyone else had this issue. She will be 7 weeks on Tuesday.