Pregnant?? Or nah?!


Sooo yeah it says " pregnant " but this is why I'm not too eager to jump for joy.

I have been trying to conceive for two years the first year I had just gotten off of implanon birth control... took a long time for me to conceive but my periods were regular and came faithfully same day of every month.

Then that stopped about the start of the second year I found out I was pregnant, at 3 months I found out I had a " missed misscarriage " from that point my periods were irregular or non existent 8 months after that I found out I had cysts on my ovaries just two weeks ago my doctor gave me a prescription called, "Provera" this medication was supposed to minimize my cyst and get my menstrual regulated one side effect said is insomnia doctor gave me a urine test and ultrasound both did not show I was pregnant going on 4 days taking provera I became very sleepy like I could sleep a full 24hrs I thought it was provera so I quit it today is day 4 since I stopped and I'm still crazy exhausted I had it in my mind I know this test is going to be negative but I need to x this off the list of the possibilities of my exhaustion before I get extreme with coffee and energy drinks.

Do you guys think this is possible just two weeks ago the doctor wouldn't have caught anything?????