Saw a different doctor today...


I somehow ended up with two OBs because they're a married couple - the lady is my official doctor and her husband has seen me three times throughout my pregnancy when she was taking time off. I love them both so it wasn't a problem at all.

Unfortunately, this week both of them are on vacation together and I'm 39W4D so had to go in for my weekly appointment. I was actually looking forward to meeting Dr. R because he's a very high-ranked fertility specialist and I wanted to pick his brain.

Big mistake.

The first thing he asked me after introducing himself was if I "bothered" to look into cord blood banking. I told him yes, but I decided to go with delayed clamping. He then proceeded to tell me what a waste that was and how my child falls in a high risk group because I'm South Asian. I swear it sounded like he was getting commission from the cord bank company.

I'm fine with hearing stats, but then he bragged about how he could easily afford the up-front $1200-ish cost and that the $110 yearly storage fee was basically what he spends on Starbucks every week. I wanted to pat his head and say "that's nice". 🙄

I ended up not asking him any of the questions I'd written down because he only seemed to care about the cord blood banking.

Oh, another thing he asked was how I got pregnant. I said it was natural and he said "well that never happens these days". I wasn't sure how sarcastic he was being (didn't think the situation called for it), but I'm pretty sure he needs to brush up on his conception stats. 😪