Tips on my baby boy


My son has always been a high maintenance clinger since day one. In the beginning he never let me put him down. Have crying fits where nothing soothed him so I just held him while he cried it out. Doctor said he was fine and healthy. Well it slowly started getting better as he got older. He would play with his toys and activity centers as long as he could still see me. He turned 7 months on the 6th. The past few days have been a nightmare. 10 times worse than the beginning. If I lay him down he'll scream til he's purple and horse and throwing up. He's nursing constantly. I know he's teething bad. I've given him every medicine the doctor said I can safely give him. I have gotten maybe 3 hours of sleep each night. The doctor just said he's fine. Some babies are just fussier. I'm just exhausted and don't know what to do. The only thing that helps is those baby music videos on youtube. Which makes me feel guilty but its the only way I can get 10 minutes peace.