Don't know what to do anymore...

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So long story short my SO and I have been together for about 4 years now and we are very fertile together. I have tried every from of BC but nothing worked for me so far, when it comes down to hormones I just go nuts, I get depressed or super emotional. When using the mirena I had a period for 6 months straight and when using the copper iud (t-safe) I felt like I was bleeding to death with all cramping necessary.... I also used the nuvaring which was almost the worst of them all, so my SO and I decided we would use condoms instead.

I don't mind getting pregnant now, but my SO does... so we decided to use condoms. After two months of using them correctly I noticed my SO was trying more and more to avoid using them and started to pull-out which he can do really well. But then I was 3 days late this month so he got kind of stressed and lost his shit more or less. He is now "pressuring" me to get back on some sort of BC since he can only think with his dick. Our relationship is great but the BC/pregnancy thing is well... a tricky subject since I've already gotten pregnant by him (lost it at 7 weeks).

It's not that I don't want to use BC but my body is just giving me a hard time to find something that works for me... do any of you girls have a suggestion? Does anyone use the mini pill and do you like it? Does someone use a short copper iud? The copper iud I got was huge and safe for 10 years but it was for mothers who had two kids and I have had none so far. Any advise is welcome... and sorry for this long post🙈