feeling like giving up hope...


I am getting to the point where I am about to give up on ever having a baby. I am just so tired of crying every month. I have tried to be positive and keep faith, but it is difficult. We have been trying for over 5years.

I have watched as friends who never wanted kids, change their minds and get pregnant with no problems. A friend who has 4 kids, and none of them were planned.

And then there are the parents in the news that leave their child in a hot car and the child dies. I just don't understand...why they are given such a precious gift from God and don't even care. When there are people that would give anything to be blessed with such a gift.

I won't lie, we didn't even try this month. I told my husband that I didn't want to. He gets upset when AF shows up. But I am the one that cries for days, my heart breaks so much every month. 😢