My gentle c-section birth story


Hello to all new moms and expecting moms,

My birth story is kind of a long one and a bit delayed. It’s been about 5 weeks since I had my LO and it’s been a true blessing and joy.

First of all, let me start by thanking Glow and this wonderful community. Without the app’s helpful articles and the advice of many of you, I don’t know how I would have made it without worries. You guys are amazing!

My pregnancy was an easy and healthy one. We had a few scares like a chronic hemorrhage at the start and GD towards the last weeks, but both baby and I did great.

I had a scheduled C-section due to having glaucoma. My doctors were concerned that pushing could result in a high eye pressure and could do more harm, so a scheduled C-section it was. My husband and I had thought of this from the start and although the idea of major surgery did not impress us in the slightest, we knew it was for the best.

I started right away to look for ways on which to make the birthing experience an easy and non-stressful one for all three of us and stumbled upon a gentle C-section procedure that is being done in many family birthing centers worldwide. I was disheartened that I would have to give birth at a hospital and may not get that luxury, but upon attending the child birth classes at the hospital, I was delighted to learn that they too were implementing a similar procedure.

Encouraged by the child birth class teacher and others, I wrote a birth plan based on a gentle C-section and personal things that I knew would keep me relax and anxiety free.

Fast forward to the day of the C-section. Both I and my husband were as calm as could be. This was strange considering my family was out of town for a family trip, (I know, they didn’t care much that I would be giving birth while they were away,) but that is beside the point. We were all alone, having only a vague idea of what to expect and being first parents too. But the goal was for us to stay focus and not lose sight of what was important.

I handed in my birth plan upon registration and crossed my fingers. To our delight, the nurse read it right away and handed copies to everyone who would participate in the procedure. She also took the time to clarify a few points with me, so that made both my SO and I very happy.

She listened to my every request, read all the forms to me because I’m blind and everyone explained all the procedures to both of us as specified in the birth plan.

The monitors were hooked, I was being prepped and the moment finally meeting our son was getting even closer, yet we remain cool and calm.

The visit from the anesthesiologist and his reassurance relaxed me even more. But when the nurse that would be in charge of my baby came in, went over her duties, the procedures they would do for the baby and went over endless forms and things we had to sign, I had an instant of panic. I managed to keep it all together until the nurse left then started panicking, worrying about everything and the reality of what till that point was a dream that soon would come true.

My husband staid strong and calm and helped me through the panic with reassuring words and positive affirmations. I also did a few breathing exercises and meditated a bit to center myself again.

By the time the doctor came to check on me and inform me that they would be starting shortly, I was cool as a cucumber once again.

After that very thing happened really fast. I was wheeled in to the OR, my husband and I said our momentary good byes and things got started.

The nurse helped me sit up for the epidural to be injected. The anesthesiologist guided me through the process so well that I didn’t even feel when he injected my back. I was prepared for excruciating pain, as I had gone through 13 other surgeries in the past, but to be honest, it felt less painful than a bee sting, something for which I was grateful.

When the epidural took effect, I was pleased to feel everything going numb and no hyper sensitive spots where the epidural wouldn’t have had an effect, as it was something that many had told me could happen.

After that everything was a blur. I was aware of my husband coming in and holding my hand, I was aware of the medical team setting up, then the doctor announcing they were starting. They described what they did every step of the way as I had requested, but to be honest, I barely remembered anything and it wasn’t because of the drugs the anesthesiologist was pumping me with. I think it was more a sense of pure bliss and anticipation.

Next thing I know, my entire stomach is being shaken like a bag of popcorn and the most beautiful sound I have ever heard followed. Hearing my lo’s first cry was one of the most magical and emotionally pleasing moments of my life.

Suddenly, as the doctor was stitching me up, using sutures as I had requested, not staples, things took a slight turn. I started feeling a sharp pain on my right shoulder. I told this to the anesthesiologist with more than a hint of concern in my voice, but he calmly reassured me that it was normal and nothing to be alarmed about. The pain persisted as they finished stitching me up, all the while, my focus was not on the pain, or what the doctor was doing, but on my baby across the room and my husband.

The whole procedure took only 14 minutes and soon enough, all three of us were headed for the recovery room, where we got some bonding time, skin to skin and continue to be monitored.

The moment I held my lo in my arms for the very first time was priceless and something I would never forget. To see those tiny arms and legs wiggling against me and those bright eyes looking up at me, full of wonder and amazement is something I would never forget and an indescribable sensation too.

The recovery has been great too and pretty speedy. I didn’t allow opioids to be administered and was able to manage the pain with Motrin and Tylenol alone. The incision site is healing pretty well from day one and my doctor is amazed of how well I’ve been recovering too.


TLDR: I had a scheduled C-section based on the gentle C-section procedure and even though we were alone without family for support and a bit skeptical regarding the medical personnel granting us our request, everything went better than I had expected and the recovery process has been one of the most smooth ones ever. For all those of you wanting a gentle C-section, don’t be afraid to ask at the hospital, or birthing center, you will be surprised on how much they are willing to accommodate and of how many institutions are implementing similar procedures to allow for a more family centered experience and less of a generic medical one.

Kaden L was born on June 16th at 1:46P.M, weighing 7 pounds and 7OZ and he’s been the joy of our lives ever since!