Apparently I'm selfish


Wedding D-R-A-M-A.

So my fiance and I have been together 4 years, lived together 3, have a 3 month old, and are fighting his mother tooth and nail.

I have 8 people from my side total.

He has around 30 I'd be ok with them coming, ( I say that because the others have believed his ex's on certain things and we'd rather them not be there.)

He and I are pushing for a simple courthouse wedding. He'd like it by the water with his best friend performing the ceremony if we can't swing that. I don't care either way.

Well, today, at his family reunion we brought up courthouse or small ceremony.

His. Mom. Lost. It.

"It needs to be in a church," "you need to be in traditional wedding wear," "you need to have a pastor,"

So now I'm selfish and going to ruin her son's happiest day because I told her "if you can talk him into all of that and either you or him plan and pay for every thing besides what I wear, go for it."

You'd think I'd have slapped her and castrated him