Not sure what's going on ?!


Ladies, I need your help ! I'm 38w and 3d I woke up earlier around 12:30 to pee AGAIN and when I got up from the bed I felt an INSANE pressure on my lower back and it was also reaching the front. It even hurt to walk. I peed and tried to go number 2 but I could only pee. I lay back in bed and no pain. I got up to go downstairs and talk to my parents who are here for awhile and ask my mom what it could be and I don't feel the pressure but it hurts to walk and I feel sharp pains by my hips when I walk and my baby is moving around slightly. I've never felt this before so idk what it can be ? I don't feel any pain coming and going tho the pressure is gone. Now I'm sitting and my lower back hurts a little. I'm going to call my doctor at 2 if the pain doesnt go away. But can any of you ladies maybe tell me what it can be ? Just pain ? I had an appointment last Sunday and I wasn't dilated or effaced but baby is low