Do you think grandparents should have rights over their grandchildren?


Rights, as in being able to get a lawyer, go to court, and win visitation rights of their grandchildren? I saw a post about this a few minutes ago on Facebook that got me thinking. I personally don't think they should, given that the child is not theirs. Yes, there are parents out there that withhold their kids from the grandparents for no good reason, but I also believe you have a right as a parent to decide whom your child is around, other than the other parent (in the case of a bad parent you'd need to go to court to prove they're neglectful). Like if my MIL had rights over my daughter and demanded visitation I'd have to fight it, her home is disgusting and she's a hoarder so the only times she sees my daughter will be outside of her home. I wouldn't want her being able to force me to keep my daughter in her own home.

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