TMI need answers! had period but still think I'm pregnant

I've had unprotected sex quite abit since July with my partner cumming inside me (tmi) including what <a href="">eve</a> says was my ovulation days, in July I had very pale pink bleeding and slight cramps that lasted a day so I thought it was implantation but then I came on my period on the 21st for the 4 days average but it was different, I usually have a lot of pain and I'm really ill but this time I felt nothing and it was heavy dark and more clots than usual? But since then I've felt nauseas near enough everyday, gone off certain foods, cravings, smells etc and had headaches, I've also been very constipated (tmi sorry) which is unusual I've also been looking bloated and very tired, again unusual but surely if I've had my period I can't be? My hormones have been going mental and I'm trying to figure out why👎🏽  Have anyone else been through the same? I'm due on again in 7 days but I'm convinced I'm pregnant! Near enough all the women on my mums side of the family have had clicky hips as an early sign which is what I've had for the past 5 weeks! Also my mother had her periods until around 6 months with my elder sister?