Bleeding during sex????!!!!


Okay so my boyfriend and I are waiting to have sex (we are in high school and don't want even the slightest chance of a baby), but we definitely fool around. We've done intimate stuff at least 5-6 times. But the past 2 times, when he has fingered me (tmi sorry) ive started to bleed. I wasn't on my period, or even close to it. The first time I bled right after, so neither of us noticed until I went to use the bathroom later. I didn't tell him the first time, but the second time his hand got covered in blood, and I rushed to the bathroom right after we were done to clean up. I'm not going to my ob-gyn for another 2.5 months, so idk what to do until then. This is a new thing and my boyfriend feels awful about it (he thinks it's his fault) and I just feel really awkward and scared. This hasn't happened before with any other partners, and its only happened these past 2 times. The most recent time was last night and I am still bleeding slightly this morning (it's more brown and seems like leftover blood). I have no clue what to do, does anyone have any ideas? I also can't tell my parent because they don't know I'm sexually active -ish. I'd have to tell my mom I was just irregularly bleeding for her to take me to the doctors