Intense pain after Pap smear??


I had my fjrst Pap smear today and a couple hours later I got cramps that later became unbearable. Now it's midnight and I can't sleep because of the searing pain in my abdomen and back.

I feel like everything I do makes it worse and I just want to sleep 😭 my husband already took me to urgent care and they sent me home with Tylenol that didn't help saying this was "normal". It doesn't feel normal and I can't find anything that helps. Has anyone else gone through this? How long did it last? I'm supposed to work at 3am but I already called off because there's no way I can sit still or move without crying out because of the pain.

I usually have a high tolerance for pain but this doesn't feel like "just cramps", I'm really hoping someone found something that helps. Please let me know!