Bacterial vaginostis infection!

So Saturday I was in the er and Sunday for pains in my stomach and sides super sharp. I did mention I was pregnant. They wanted to do a pelvic exam and they will call me with results. Tuesday I received a call saying I was positive for BV! And they wouldn't be able to prescribe me anything because its up to my ob. So I made an apt for Thursday but the pains wouldn't stop I also had burning when I peeded. It's now Thursday I went to see my Ob and I told him what they told me and then proceeded to tell me he will not treat it and I'm in my first trimester so maybe in second trimester. I was crying because I was in pain and he also mentioned bv doesn't cause pain it may be a uti which I have a history with them but I never had these shooting pains where I can't sleep. Every time he pressed on my abdominal it hurt so bad. He also did an ultrasound baby was fine but I'm super worried. I had to pee in a cup to see if I had a uti and I still haven't gotten a phone call this is been going on for a week :( any advice I'm 9 weeks. Also I'm pretty sure I'm super dehydrated because my pee was sooooooo dark I just can't keep water down or anything right now.