Health Issues Being Taken Care Of

Jacqueline • Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degree Holder 🎓3.97 GPA🤓Certified Debater🗣Mommy Of One☝🏽

POSSIBLE TRIGGER! I have a question. When it comes to somebody have serious health issues, whose responsibility is it to make sure that they are being controlled and taken care of? I can’t explain how much diabetes gets to me. My great grandmother stopped taking care of hers when my pop pop died. I just had a friend lose her sister to it today. This can also be applied to obesity. I lost a classmate lose his life to heart failure because of his weight. He begged others to stay on top of him about his weight and health. I see others constantly in the hospital due to it and I just want to shout that this isnt something to take lightly. YOUR HEALTH MATTERS!

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