I'm moving far far away!!!

Kaylyn • 20, little/kitten, licensed cosmetologist and Wiccan 🌙

Im 20 years old and live in Indiana currently. I live with my mother and two younger sisters.

My mother is a woman who goes to a bar every other night instead of cooking dinner and helping her younger daughters with homework. She sleeps around with men and then complains to everyone about how she doesn't understand how she can't get a man who looks at her more than a FWB.

My father molested and abused me. He is no longer part of my life, but he frequently follows/stalks me. I cannot call the police because I have no physical evidence that he does so. But he's told people he does and they tell me to watch out.

I never had anyone here. I've cut off all my friends due to them never improving their life, or keeping drugs.

I met a wonderful man who takes care of me, who loves me for me, who enjoys my company as well as I do him. I'm tired of the same old same old. Same boring routine, same drama. Tired of living in the past.

I'm moving to Florida with him and my wonderful pets. We will be living with his family. As they requested we do so for a bit because they also enjoy our company. I'm finally doing it guys.

I'm moving somewhere no one knows me so I can finally fill my life with positivity. 💕