New Boy

There's a new boy in my class this year and I feel so bad for him. He seems really shy and quiet and doesn't talk much. I've only heard him speak a few words to the guys in my class and when he's talking to the teachers, but he usually talks really low. School just started and since he's new he doesn't quite get how our school or the teachers work yet. Most of the teachers seem frustrated at him because he doesn't have all his supplies together and I wish they would just cut him a little slack since he is new and doesn't know a lot about how our school works just yet. I've wanted to try to talk to him multiple times to be nice and make him feel welcome but I just don't know what to say and the boys in my class don't seem to talk to him much. He does play football so he might have made a few friends already but he just looks kind of scared and anxious when he walks into class every day and I don't want him feeling uncomfortable. Do you think I should maybe try talking to him or does it sound weird? Also he might have been this way at his other school and I just don't know but I still feel bad for him. (Not sure if you even care or it has anything to do with the situation but we go to a really small private school)