Childhood Romance blossoming again.

so me and my long term friend, are re-kindling. we have known each other since we were very young. got together when we was 12 and literally he was my first ever love 😍 we were kids and things happened in our own families which meant we had to separate. we both got in other relationships when we was older, but none of them worked out and we'd ways and up meeting up and sleeping together and having a long heart to heart chat. 10 years later, I'm now 22, we started talking again and met up last week and I ended up staying at his for a full week, and were seeing each other, just waiting for the right time to get together... I am literally so happ9y right now. we're texting, sbapchatting and phoning everyday. it's like nothing has ever changed. I just thought I'd share my story 😊 keeping myself anonymous though, because like I said were waiting for the right time to actually become a couple