SEX: Battle of the sexes.


Growing up it was always implied through media, other women, and sometimes other men, that men, were these sex crazed monsters. All men wanted was sex, and they were so horny all the time and they were always how would you say, DTF? I beg to differ. Over the years I've had my fair share of relationships that unfortunately just didn't work out. Every single relationship with a man was the same. I'd want sex, they wouldn't. The relationship I'm in now. Same situation. He denies it of course. Claiming he's always ready to go. I've also found over the years that it was very rare for my SO's to initiate sex with me. I was always the one starting things up. whether this is a case of extreme libido on my end or there's just something wrong with me, or them. I don't know. So ladies, thoughts? Are we the dominant sex creatures or are men?