I can't do it anymore!!!


***Update!*** Thank you ladies so much!! I feel like I'm not gonna cut somebody now lol knowing this is normal for his age is making it easier to understand.. I'll try your alls suggestions over the next couple nights and then he has a dr appointment on Friday so I can talk to his pedi as well! ❤️❤️

Why won't my child sleep more than 3 freaking hours at a time at night anymore??! He's 9 months old and for the past couple weeks he's refusing to sleep all night like he was or just do one feeding at night. I'm exhausted, almost 5 months pregnant, and home with him ALL the time. I need a break and a good nights rest! He eats solid food (real food, not baby food) 3 or more times a day, takes his bottles, has a full one before he goes down for bedtime, idk what else to do! We keep the same bedtime routine, bath and cuddles and a bottle then off to the crib. I feel like I'm doing everything I can to make sure he's getting what he needs but it's not enough! I can't take it! 😭😭😴😴😴😭