MIL smokes need advice baby due in 9weeks


Okay so my MIL smokes and smokes a lot. I think it's disgusting, and I hate the smell of cigarettes ugh! I want her to stop and mentioned it to my husband as well. I was thinking about telling my husband that if she plans on visiting or spending time with our son, then she can't smoke the whole day that she is suppose to see him. Just as a start to wing her off. Like I don't even want her around him after she's smoked a cigarette. If she decides to smoke, then I kind of want to deny her to see our son for that day and every day she smokes. I'm just really nervous on how my husband will take it. I'm not trying to be rude, but this is for my son's health and also my MIL health. This is my husband's and I first child and my MIL is really excited to meet him, and be that grandmother b so I hope that this would make her quit! What do you guys think? Is it rude? Or do you think my husband would see the good intentions behind it?