Is he interested?

Ladies, help! I met this man last week, we exchanged numbers and hung out later in the week. We got dinner together, ice cream, he paid and was super sweet the whole time. He told me I looked stunning, mentioned me meeting his friends later on and that he liked how silly I was, was very flirty the whole time. We both agreed we had a really good time and needed to do it again soon (his words). I texted him the next day and asked if he wanted to hang out the next day to which he replied that he started a new job that day but that he would be down later in the week. Here's my issue. Before our date we texted pretty constantly, but since our date (Friday night) conversation has only happened when I initiated it once. He did just start a new job with longer hours so maybe that contributes to the lack of conversation/I'm just just thinking everything, but does it sound like he lost interest? So sorry for how long this is!