Need Advice, not judgment.


Just need advice i don't really know how to react or approach it or anything. but i just so happened to be going through my boyfriends (been dating a year and a half and live together) emails, when i see an email for a new login on his snapchat. we'll SURPRISE SURPRISE i wasn't aware that he had a snapchat. so i proceed to go through his emails and i find two more from POF and KIK which i also didn't know he had. so i decided to take it upon myself and change his pof and kik passwords and login to them to see what i find. he was using pof to add random girls to his snapchat to send "dirty" pics to. he logs into then and does it all while i'm sleeping in the mornings or when i get off work from working graveyard and i'm sleeping during the day. Anyways, i already talked to him about the snapchat thing because i found that out yesterday but he refused to log in to it and wouldn't tell me why so i kind of just brushed it off. but now with me logging into his pof i see why he wouldn't want me to see. and i just don't know what to do, i'm bothered, and can't tell him that i'm finding all this crap out by his email. how do i approach this?

** P.S. i know he watches porn and that was already a big enough pill to swallow but now this.