4 years of marriage and now this...

I've been married for 4 years. My husband an introvert...doesn't receprocate in conversations except maybe with a joke. Everyday when he comes home from work I am cooking dinner he walks in an talks dirty to me and touches me like a piece of meat. I wouldn't mind this so much if he made more of an effort to connect with me emotionally then I could play along. On a sexual level I give him way more time, favors and, effort than he does with me. He enjoys every minute of it and wants it every night if I allowed myself.  
We tell each other multiple times a day "I love you" he's having trouble expressing it in other ways I think.  
If another male trainer at the gym helps me in anyway he turns into Romeo. Opening doors, wiping down the equipment, walking me by the small of my back to the next exercise, opening the car door...and so on.  He doesn't realize that sometimes he's just too late. 
The few nights ago I had a thunderclap headache during sex...he literally got up and went to go pee.  I got down on the floor to try and help sooth the pain I was in. I was in tears from the pain and him walking out.   He wasn't there for me.  He's not there for me when my bloodsugars are out of wack. He's just checks out. 
I love him and I'm afrade that someone might swoop in and sweep me off my feet because I feel deprived of attention and appreciation from my husband. I want to be clear that I am not attention seeking from any avenue (internet, personal relationships social settings ect.)  
What's the next right move for me or us?