Should I stay with my bf if...

Should I stay with my bf if we have different view points.

We both agree we want kids. We both said 2-3 so same page on that BUT

Long story short. If we got married I would want to stay home with my kids until they were older. He wants a working wife. Nanny will watch the kids.

I've always wanted to stay at home to be a mother to my children 24/7 whatever they need when they need it. All the women in my family (both mom and dad's side) has done that so it doesn't seem weird to me to be a stay at home mom.

My bf on the other hand looks down on that. He says it's too hard to have one income. And he's not flexible with the idea what so ever. He said even if we were rich he'd still want me working.

I compromised and said I can give up the whole stay at home mom thing if I can stay with them until they are old enough to talk or go to school. I'm being flexible but he said no.

Am I crazy for settling with what he wants? It still bothers me but I'm going back to grad school to hopefully get a degree and start a job I'll love. I'm trying to convince myself if I love my job I won't feel as bad leaving my babies with a nanny.

Or should I stick to my guns and find someone who does see eye to eye with me on this?

Looking for insight... my friends said move on and some said just see he's still young and immature. I'm 25 he's about to turn 27...

It just sucks he's perfect with everything else but this one topic....