you guys i'm getting so fed up. i love in a duplex and all of a sudden cockroaches started coming out of no where !when we mo ed in 3 months ago we seen a couple but now it's like disgusting and i want to puke. i'm always up late and so i go out to the kitchen/br more often than my SO and i've SEEN them all together at once. they're like a fucking army . they leave their shit all over the cabinets where our dishes are and i have to wash everything before using it all of the time. moving out isn't an option and the landlords told us they can't do anything about it.

does anyone have a diy get rid of the fucking annoying things ???

we're kind of shy to ask the neighbors if it's a problem for them too?

we were thinking about asking if they want to pay half so that the WHOLE house can get done because what's the point of doing our half of the house if the other people have them and they'll just come right back.

is that weird ? lol or she we just pay for our side to be done and hope for the best.

btw i'm not a dirty person. i'm a SAHM so i keep up with the house very well and wash our dishes every single night and throw away our trash every day too. i have no idea what the hell they could be munching on !!!!

also i will add that they claim they 'cleaned up everything and bleached everything so there'd be no roaches' but we tried moving the stove so we could get back there to clean and it will not budge. it looks like it's been forced in there and it's stuck so i can just imagine how dirty it is back there