Active 6 months old


Hi mamas, I was wondering if anyone has any advice on relaxing my little one.

She is a very happy perky girl but is always playful 24 hours around the clock. Recently when she wakes up in the night for a feed around midnight or 5 she is up ready to play. In the day I can't get her to unwind for bed time and naps are just a constant battle.

I find that when she is playing by her self, during her bed time routine, during a bath, cuddle time basically she just wants to play all the time. I really enjoy how happy she is, it's just I can't get her to relax enough for naps or bed time.

I do let her watch a little tv when I preparing our meals during breakfast and lunch. Than she will do some tummy time and other exercises, even when I breastfeed she is moving nonstop. I have tired sitting next to her just quietly but even than she will roll around tug on me.

So any ideas on getting my little darling to relax?